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TO:          Governor Rick Perry, State of Texas

                  Mayor Annise Parker, City of Houston

                  All State Senators and Representatives for the greater Houston area

                  All Members of U.S. Congress for Houston


RE:          Houston air quality concerns related to White Stallion coal plant proposed to be built near Houston


Dear Houston Representative,

As business leaders and concerned members of our community, we appreciate the work you do as our elected representatives, which includes protecting our public health and supporting environmentally responsible sources of energy for the future of Texas. We request that you take the next step by supporting efforts to stop the proposed construction of the “White Stallion” coal plant in Matagorda County, which would negatively impact Houston air quality, public health, local fisheries and wetlands, and local business.


White Stallion is not a “clean-coal” plant; rather it is an old-technology, dirty power plant proposed for Matagorda County, located just 20 miles outside the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria non-attainment region.  As you may know, our local counties are already overburdened with toxic air pollution and don’t meet the minimum health safety standards set by Congress. White Stallion will emit vast quantities of mercury, dioxin, sulfur dioxide, lead and other toxins, negatively affecting human health; and their CO2 emissions will be the equivalent of adding 1.7 million cars to the road in our region. Much of the fish we eat, and much of the air we breathe (via prevailing winds) in Houston and surrounding communities comes directly from the Matagorda Bay region.


According to the overwhelming majority of scientists and energy experts in the United States, coal is by far the least efficient form of energy production – it is the dirtiest, most polluting, and the most environmentally detrimental. Texas is blessed with far better ways to meet our energy needs than coal, and we urge you to support cleaner forms of energy production such as, solar, wind, and natural gas, when extracted responsibly. By example, there is a huge potential for solar energy in Texas which creates four times as many jobs as coal and emits virtually no pollution.


A recent study with experts from the U. T. School of Public Health, Baylor College of Medicine, The U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Rice University concluded: “ambient air pollution in Houston is harmful to exposed individuals and populations,” and the American Lung Association (ALA) released its 2010 “Most Polluted Cities” report in which Houston made all 3 of their worst lists. We cannot make this bad situation worse by allowing the construction of a dirty coal plant just down the road.


Please stop the White Stallion coal plant now. It’s bad for our quality of life, bad for our public health, bad for our image, and is bad for Texas business.


Thank you for your time and commitment,



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