Contact TCEQ and ask them not to grant an air permit to White Stallion

White Stallion has submitted their draft wastewater permit with TCEQ.

We have until Aug. 6, 2010 to contact TCEQ to request a public meeting and a contested case hearing regarding this permit.

The public meeting would be a meeting where TCEQ & White Stallion come to Matagorda County to present information regarding this permit to the public. Such a meeting would give us the opportunity to comment and ask questions. We are also wanting a contested case hearing to “contest” the wastewater permit so that its ramifications can be more thoroughly studied. The contested case hearing would be a hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), who would then send their recommendations to the TCEQ commissioners.

This is the process we have gone through so far with the air permit —

We MUST do this to slow down the permitting process, give time to build public awareness, and to allow for a more thorough look at this coal plant. TCEQ actually COUNTS the number of comments it gets, so every letter and email matters.

Please contact TCEQ NOW.

In your correspondence regarding the wastewater permit, refer to:

permit # WQ0004882000

Your message should ask for a public meeting and a contested case hearing.

If you prefer mail:


Office of the Chief Clerk

MailCode 105

P.O. Box 13087

Austin , TX 78711-3087

Here are some sample facts about the White Stallion Waste Water Permit to add to your comments.

Landowners in the vicinity of White Stallion: your letters have even more impact!

Please pass this message along…

Write the LCRA Board Members and ask them not to sign a water contract with White Stallion.

White Stallion’s proposed contract with LCRA would allow them to take 25,000 acre-feet of water from the Colorado every year – that’s 39 square miles of water 1 foot deep!

Here is the contact information for the LCRA Board Members:

Main switchboard: (512) 473-3200 or 1-800-776-5272

P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767

Send questions and comments to

(LCRA e-mail)

Or comment on the comment form for LCRA:
Comment Form on LCRA website

LCRA Board Members

Here is a link to the board membership for LCRA. Feel free to contact any or all of them in your messages.

John C. Dickerson III is the Board member that represents Matagorda County

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