Press Release:  08-08-2011

We are pleased to announce that Environmental Law Attorney Jim Blackburn of Blackburn & Carter Law Firm (Houston) is now representing the No Coal Coalition.

The Blackburn & Carter fim has already begun working with our existing team of Attorneys from the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, and Environmental Integrity Project.

Jim graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1972, has practiced Environmental Law for more than 30 years.  While in law school he wrote a paper proposing that oceans be made into nations so they could litigate.
He also holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Science and is a Professor of Environmental Law at Rice University.

Blackburn is a co-founder of Houston Wilderness, the Matagorda Bay Foundation, and the Galveston Bay Foundation.  In 2004, he was named “Best Environmental Attorney” by the Houston Press.  He is the recipient of The Barbara C. Jordan Community Advocate Award presented by Texas Southern University in 2007 for his “unwavering commitment to protecting our environment and the health of Texans throughout the Gulf Coast region”, the National Conservation Achievement Award in 2001 from the National Wildlife Federation and the Bob Eckhardt Lifetime Achievement Award for coastal preservation efforts from the General Land Office of the State of Texas in 1998.

His current caseload includes litigating for The Aransas Project (the Endangered Species Whooping Cranes on our Texas Coast).

In 2004, Texas A&M press published his The Book of Texas Bays, which focuses upon the environmental health of Texas bays and discusses various facts and issues, with photographs by the renowned photographer Jim Olive.



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