Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ Teen Center in Bay City

600 12th Street
5:30 PM
Free pizza and drinks

Take a stand to cleanup Texas now! Texas is at an energy crossroads. Every decision being made today determines the world younger generations will one day inherit. Come visit with other like-minded folks concerned about taking care of our planet. Learn how you can get involved in the effort.

(This event is geared toward high school and college-aged young adults, or those interested in working with youth.)

Event sponsored by Matagorda County’s No Coal Coalition and Sierra Club – Texas.

For more information & to RSVP — contact Allison at 979-245-0808 or

Join Us! Great Texas Cleanup Concert July 24th, 2010 in Houston at Discovery Green, 4 PM — FREE!

Great Texas Cleanup logo

Texas is at an energy crossroads.
And it’s about time we stood up and said something about it!

The Sierra Club and Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service (TEJAS) are hosting The Great Texas Cleanup: A Rally & Concert for Clean Energy and Clean Air. Environmental and community groups from Houston, Texas and around the country will join local, state, and national businesses in taking a stand to cleanup Texas now! The concert is FREE to the public and welcomes all ages. No Coal Coalition will be there, and we need you to join us!

Local musicians will play an eclectic variety of music that will unite youth, students, young professionals, families, and different communities in the fight for a future we all share. Community leaders and distinguished speakers will talk about urgent issues that have culminated into our best opportunity to cleanup Texas now. All the while artists, businesses, and local nonprofits will table to tell you what they’re doing to help and how you can get involved!

Our cities are struggling to breathe as our air quality fails to attain the basic public safety standards in the Clean Air Act. A new pipeline is planned to bring thick, heavy Canadian Tar Sands and its toxic waste to Houston and Port Arthur. Communities are yearning to be heard by Governor Perry and his Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as Texans cry out against the second wave of the Texas Coal Rush and its 12 newly proposed dirty coal plants. All the while, Texans living up and down the coasts apprehensively await black plumes of BP’s oil in the Gulf to determine their livelihood.

For more information: Visit us!

June 21, 7:00 PM, at the Bay City Service Center


  • Business Meeting, monthly financial report
  • Pass new organization Bylaws
  • Election of new Officers
  • Form committees — community outreach, signs, market days, public information events, other?

Hosted by the Matagorda Area Chamber of Commerce
Monday, June 14th, 6:30 PM -7:30PM
Matagorda School Auditorium

Light Refreshments

The meeting focus will be –
WATER ISSUES – Fresh Water Inflows, Water Usage, Discharge and the effects on local bays, rivers and estuary ecosystem.

  • Jim Daily – Marine Fisheries Biologist, Palacios Resident
  • Neil Carman, PhD – Chemist, Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club
  • Tom "Smitty" Smith – Director, Public Citizen Group
  • Buddy Treybig – Matagorda Resident
  • Robert Malina, PhD – No Coal Coalition President, Bay City Resident

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