Climate reality presentation coming to Bay City Civic Center

The drought of 2011 was one of the worst in Texas history.  Can we expect to see more of these droughts in the future?  Are we – as an individual, county, state or nation – doing (or not doing) something that is causing these weather conditions?  What can we do to help turn the situation around?  And how long will that take?

These and many more fact-based issues will be discussed in “The Climate Reality Project” forum on Monday, April 16 at 7 p.m. at the Bay City Civic Center (201 7th Street).  The public is invited to actively participate in this forum, which is expected to last about an hour and a half (including Q & A time).  The Climate Reality Project was founded and chaired by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore.  It has over five million members and supporters worldwide.  Its goal is to connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate.


Aaron Tuley of Houston, District Manager for The Climate Reality Project’s Southwest Region (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona), will be the guest speaker for this multimedia presentation.  He has been trained by Vice President Al Gore and his team of renown scientists.  Tuley, the Managing Partner of Meta-Pattern, LLC: Planning for Sustainability, a Houston-based environmental planning consultancy, has 18 years experience in land, urban and regional design and planning, specializing in energy, sustainability and resilience planning services.  He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Houston Citizens Environmental Coalition.

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This non-partisan forum is hosted by the No Coal Coalition of Matagorda County.  For more details, contact Allison Sliva at (979) 245-0808 or by email at  Light refreshments will be served, so arrive a few minutes early!



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