November 6, 2009

Letter from the Sierra Club to U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Regarding White Stallion Energy Center:

Sierra Club letter

Selected quotes follow:

The Sierra Club recommends:

  1. That this permit be denied due to the public interest and environmental impacts that the proposal will cause, as outlined in these comments.
  2. If the permit is not denied then the Corps must prepare a draft EIS and provide a public comment period before a final EIS is completed.
  3. All jurisdictional waters of the United States and non-jurisdictional wetlands must be avoided or mitigated at least 8:1 for forested wetlands and 4:1 for freshwater wetlands.
  4. The permit application should be withdrawn until all information identified in these Sierra Club comments is placed in the permit application public notice and the public and decision-makers have a 30-day opportunity to review, comment on, and understand the full, cumulative, environmental impacts of this proposal.
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