Each year White Stallion wants to remove 35,706 Acre-Feet of water from the Colorado River. What is 35,706 Acre-Feet?

35,706 Acre-Feet in perspective:

• 35,706 Acre-feet is 56 Square Miles of water 1 foot deep — East Matagorda Bay is 59 Square Miles

• The City of Austin draws it’s water from the Colorado River — the White Stallion Coal Plant by itself, will use 1/4 of what the entire City of Austin uses

The Colorado River up & out their 50-STORY smokestacks round the clock 24 hours-a-day, disbursed over Matagorda County; it’s toxic heavy metal MERCURY poison landing on the Colorado River, Matagorda Bay, Tres Palacios Bay and Matagorda County commercial Seafood Farm ponds