“An extraordinary economy has been built around Lake Travis and one that is vital to the healthy economy of the Hill Country region and state should not be ignored by the LCRA when they are considering adding customers” said Chamber President Laura Mitchell, IOM. “We are pleased to have joined Travis County Commissioner Karen Huber and 17 other stakeholders to contract with a consultant and produce a report showing the overall impact the lake level has on the Lake Travis economy.”
The results found by this study are set to be released in September.

Senator Troy Fraser: “LCRA cannot meet current demands and should not be contemplating adding new water customers. The LCRA Board should be focused on meeting the demands of current customers by building additional water supplies that are cost effective. Customers on the Lower Colorado River pay a premium for guaranteed water that should not be put in jeopardy by continuing to over commit our water supply. I also recommend that the LCRA Board place a moratorium on new water sales.”