White Stallion Coal Plant owners have been unable to obtain water for their boilers from the Lower Colorado River Authority.  On Aug. 3, 2011, LCRA canceled negotiations to sell them surface water from the Colorado River.

Now enters Matagorda County resident Arthur Milberger to White Stallion’s rescue.
Mr. Milberger & White Stallion owners have cooked-up a new scheme, an “End Run”.  In September of 2011, Mr. Milberger applied to the Matagorda County Groundwater District for a new deep Well Permit to drill into the Aquifer and sell it’s groundwater — our/your Aquifer water — to White Stallion.

Mr. Milberger’s Application says “1199 Acre Feet per Year”.  That is 390,695,349 gallons of water.  Read it twice:  every year,  three hundred ninety million six hundred ninety-five thousand and 349 gallons of our/your/every future well owner’s water.  Each day, one million seventy thousand gallons of our/your basic & irreplaceable necessity of life: water.   Sold by Mr. Arthur Milberger to the White Stallion owners.

Mr. Milberger can be in favor of White Stallion vocally, but he crosses the line when he attempts to sell our/your lifetime water supply to a Kentucky-owned Coal Plant.




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