The support you provided this organization during the past 4 years has enabled us to grow and become an effective representative for the residents of Matagorda County.

Your donations are the primary means of financial support that enable this all-volunteer organization to function.

Donations to further the cause of the Coalition are greatly appreciated. We Can’t Do It Without You!

If you prefer, make checks payable to the No Coal Coalition and send to:


No Coal Coalition

P.O. Box 1383

Bay City, TX 77404-1383

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We deliver signs to you or make arrangements to meet you for pickup if you live in Matagorda County. Bumper stickers we mail, deliver, or meet you for pickup. Contact us for more information at
(nocoal (at)

Standard Yard Signs – 18 x 24 in.Standard yard sign $5.00

Large Signs – 4’x4′(along fencelines-sides of bldgs) $35.00

Bumper Stickers – same as signs, just bumper sticker sized

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