In March ’09 some Matagorda County residents with the assistance of Texas Public Citizen and the Sierra Club, came together to form an Organization to oppose the proposed White Stallion Coal Plant which was being fast-tracked by TCEQ for a publicly announced “groundbreaking” in August ’09. At that time the name for our Organization, it’s Officers were chosen; the non-profit status 501(c)(4) was applied for and obtained.

Directionwise, we needed 2 things:

  1. Attorneys – Legal representation for the Court system
  2. TIME – to get the issue before the general public in Matagorda County since very few even knew about it; the TCEQ rubber stamp hearing was scheduled for less than 30 days away.

The Sierra Club and Environmental Defense Fund immediately agreed to provide Attorney’s & Legal work, “for as long as it takes” at no charge.

White Stallion is a Kentucky based/owned company. They hired one of Texas’ oldest Law Firms to represent them ­ Vinson-Elkins (Houston).

Our goals are quite simple: A moratorium on this Coal Plant. If and when Technology develops more than just a meaningless phrase “Clean Coal”….OK by us.

No Coal Coalition 2012-2013 Board:

  • Chair, Eva Malina
  • Vice-Chair, David Rodriguez
  • Treasurer, Robert Lee
  • Secretary, David Spencer
  • Member-at-large, Raul Bustillo

The NCC board members all reside in Matagorda County, and work in public education, financial, ranching, chemical and agricultural fields.




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