White Stallion Industrial Waste Water Quality Permit/TCEQ Public Meeting:
Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
Bay City Convention Center
201 Seventh Street
Bay City, Texas 77404

PUBLIC COMMENT/PUBLIC MEETING. A public meeting will be held and will consist of two parts, an Informal Discussion Period and a Formal Comment Period. During the Informal Discussion Period, the public is encouraged to ask questions of the applicant and TCEQ staff concerning the application and the Executive Director’s preliminary decision, but these informal comments made during the informal period will not be considered by the Commissioners before reaching a decision on the permit and no formal response will be made. During the Formal Comment Period, members of the public may state their formal comments into the official record. A written response to all formal comments will be prepared by the Executive Director and considered by the Commissioners before they reach a decision on the permit. A copy of the response will be sent to each person who submits a formal comment or who requested to be on the mailing list for this application and provides a mailing address. Only relevant and material issues raised during the formal comment period can be considered if a contested case hearing is granted.

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