Monday July 19, 2010 @ Service Center in Bay City

6:30 PM — Business Meeting
7:00 PM — Action Meeting


  1. Update on White Stallion air permit status
  2. Discussion of Houston Sierra Club-sponsored youth rally on July 24 at Discovery Green from 4-9 PM. The event is focusing on coal issues. NCC has signed on as a sponsor.
  3. Update on WS Wastewater permit status
  4. Letter writing. — Letters will be distributed for people to sign on-the-spot. Letters will be regarding Draft Waste Water permit that WS has applied for with TCEQ. More details forthcoming regarding this, but it’s important that we get letters, calls, emails, faxes to TCEQ for the next 60 days, beginning July 7.
  5. Distribute petitions for people to get filled out & returned
  6. Form committees — for sure Market Days and Community Outreach — give committees time to meet & talk
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